seed for farms

From fundraising to awareness projects, see the various ways Munson, as a seed company, connects with the ag community. 

agriculture support
America's Farmers Grow Rural Education (AFGRE)

A Monsanto Fund program, gives farmers the opportunity to nominate their rural public school district to compete for a grant of up to $25,000.  These grants support math and science education by funding projects like technology upgrades, greenhouses and lab equipment.


Nomination forms for the program and more information is available here. Thank you for being a part of efforts to improve education in rural America. Together, we can grow the next generation of America’s farmers.


For more information about the America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant, click here.

Start Seeing Farmers Signs

If you’re traveling down the road and spot big yellow “Start Seeing Farmers” signs, Munson Hybrids started this project after one too many close encounters.


Everyone is busy and has places to be, even the farmers in the slow-moving equipment. We hope these signs will help raise awareness during the busy harvest season and remind motorists to be cautious when sharing the roads with farmers.


If you would like to have a sign, please e-mail or call 309-343-8410 and we can discuss arrangements. 

start seeing farmers
Munson water
Munson Bottled Water Fundraising

Let Munson help with your ag organization's fundraising! We supply bottled water for organizations to sell at 100% profit and have worked with schools, 4-H clubs, county farm bureaus, FFAs and other ag-related organizations.  


The event must be ag-related and we need 3 weeks notice prior to the event.


Contact your Munson District Sales Manager (DSM) or e-mail or call 309-343-8410 for more information.