corn seed


Munson has over 90 different corn options, including numerous conventional corn and silage choices, in our line-up. From fantastic yield potential and drought tolerance to excellent soil flexibility and stand, Munson has hybrids to meet your needs, please speak with your local seed sales representative or review our 2019 Product Line-up.

For more information about silage seed corn options at Munson Hybrids, visit our Corn - Silage page.

Roundup Ready Corn 2
SmartStax corn
Herculex Corn Seed
VT Triple Pro Corn
VT Triple Pro Corn Seed
VT Double Pro Corn Seed
Liberty Link Corn Seed
Agrisure GT Corn Seed
Agrisure Artesian Corn Seed
Agrisure Artesian GTA Corn Seed
Agrisue Viptera Corn Seed
Agrisure Viptera Corn Seed
Agrisure Viptera Corn Seed