***We are no longer accepting detasseling applications - check back in April of 2019.***


We offer a seasonal detasseling program for people ages 13 – 17 years old during the summer. We start accepting applications in April of each year and work typically begins around the Fourth of July, lasting 2 – 3 weeks.


(Scroll down for Q&A on detasseling, including what to wear and bring.)

Biggsville Crew 

Details on June meeting date & location will be available on this site in early June. This meeting is required for the parent/guardian and child who will be detasseling this summer.


Galesburg Crew 

The Galesburg crew meeting will be by invitation only. We will call applicants until we have enough kids to fill our crews. They will be told when the detasseling meeting will be held; and a parent/guardian will need to attend with the detasseler.


Paperwork for all Crews

There are two Munson Hybrids' forms (1. print permission form and 2. print photo form) and four tax pages that need to be filled out. Munson Hybrids staff will be available after the meeting to review and assist with completing the forms.


Paperwork can be printed off via 3 links above, filled out and brought to the meeting to get done sooner. Detasseler will need to bring two forms of identification. To make sure the detasseler has the correct forms of identification, please refer to the Acceptable Documents page that is included with the tax pages. Note: Two photo IDs will NOT work; our goal is to have the kids all ready to go by the end of the meeting!


All paperwork must be received at Munson's headquarters by noon before the first day of work in order to board the bus.


If you are interested in participating in our detasseling program, please read through the FAQs below and fill out an online application.



What is detasseling?


The tassel is the topmost part of a corn plant. As detasselers, you walk down a row of corn, pull the top part of the plant off and drop it on the ground. Detasseling season generally starts after the Fourth of July and usually lasts 2 - 3 weeks.

At what age can someone detassel?


A person must be in the age range of 13 and 17 years old to detassel. A parent-signed permission slip is required.

How does pulling the tops off help?


We don't pull all of the tops off. The tassel contains the pollen that allows corn plants to reproduce. We pull the tassels from certain rows of corn, and the pollen produced by the other rows (which are a different type of corn) cross-pollinates the first rows. This produces the special seed corn that farmers want to plant.


Why would I want to do that?


Well, because that seed corn produces so much for the farmers, they will pay good money for it, and we pay you good money to remove those tassels. Besides, it's a good way to make some money with your friends and have most of your summer free to do other things.


Is it hard?


A machine has gone through the fields ahead of you, and the machines remove around 80% of the tassels. We're really just cleaning up the tassels that the machine misses. It is still no cakewalk, so you will earn the money you make.


How long does it take to learn?


If you apply yourself, you can detassel like a pro after three days. We have people who will work with you to help you do the best job you can. The real trick is to start your first day determined to work hard and do your best. Remember, it's only for a few weeks.


What to Wear


  • Hat - They help. A baseball cap or straw hats are great.

  • Shirts - You can wear two shirts. An outer long-sleeve shirt for the mornings when it is cool and then take it off when it warms up, wearing a short-sleeve shirt in the afternoon. You can change how you wear them after the first day. A long-sleeve shirt also helps if the corn bothers your forearms.

  • Outerwear - Bring a poncho or rain gear for the morning dew or when it rains. We do work in the rain.

  • Pants - Light fabric pants work best. Some people wear shorts if corn leaves do not bother them.

  • Socks & Shoes - Old tennis shoes work best. Work boots get heavy with mud and are hot, but some do like wearing them. Most of the time people throw out their tennis shoes at the end of the season.

  • Gloves - Tight-fitting, lightweight gloves work best. Dishwashing gloves or tight gloves with the fingertips cut out also work.

  • Accessories - Other things to bring could include sunglasses or protective eyeglasses, sunblock, bug spray, aspirin, and other personal health items. If you are allergic to bee stings or have allergies, be sure to bring your proper medication.


What to Bring


  • Water - Bring plenty. A 2-quart or gallon jug is recommended. Each bus or van will also have an extra supply the crew can use for refills. (Ice tea and lemonade also work.)

  • Food - Bring a cooler full of what you like. Fruit, cookies, sandwiches, chips and snacks. Bring plenty the first day to give you a guide on what to bring the following days.

  • DO NOT - Bring any cellphones, MP3 players or any electrical/valuable items into the field. They get lost easily and are nearly impossible to find. Munson Hybrids will not be held responsible for any lost items in the field.

Where can I get more information regarding detasseling with Munson Hybrids?

  • Call Jennifer at Munson Hybrids at 888-813-7333.