A past firmly rooted in agriculture

Over time, things change. It’s inevitable. But the important things always persist. It was 1934 when Carl Munson first started Munson Hybrids. Strong and independent, Munson steered the company for 42 years.

In 1975, Bud and Alice Davis purchased the company and continued the principals of being family-owned with deep roots to Midwest agriculture. This continued all the way until 1999 when longtime employee John Hennenfent and his wife, Holly, purchased Munson Hybrids.

Active in Illinois farming for several generations, the Hennenfent family is dedicated to the values that built Munson Hybrids. The world has changed, but one thing remains the same – performance is personal.

Success comes from knowing your fields, not a corporate boardroom. Many of our employees understand agriculture, because it’s their way of life. Our commitment and ties to the farming community allow us to go the extra mile to deliver seed that is tailored to your needs. When your fields are your livelihood, accept no substitutes.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, check out our available employment opportunities.

Holly & John Hennenfent
Carl Munson